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Can't get a mortgage as a foreigner?
We can help you.

As a foreigner, it’s nearly impossible to get bank financing to buy real estate in Vietnam. Moreover, the buying journey is filled with unscrupulous agents, hidden issues, and complex steps.

Homebase offers you a new path to homeownership, and serves as a partner that helps you navigate every step of that journey.

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How it works

Start living and investing in your dream home today with these simple steps.

1. Choose any property in Vietnam

You can pick any property in the market, or we can recommend an agent to help.

2. We will buy it for you

We will buy the property for you and pre-agree on a future buyback.

3. Move in, Save and Pay

Move in, renovate, or rent it out. Deposit more each month - no interest, no other fees!

4. Buy out anytime

You can fully buy out the house, sell, or walk away anytime.


Easy to qualify

Put in as little as 20% initial deposit

Any type of property across Vietnam

Apartments, condotels, officetels, villas, land, etc

Flexible payment plan

Customized payment plan to your financial needs.

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