April 30, 2022

A Day in the Life of Homebase’ Head of Growth: Kimmy Le (Part 2)

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In this section, Kimmy Le continues to share the activities she undertakes at Homebase, as well as what has kept her here!

What is your impression of Homebase so far?

About the two founders and my team, here is what I feel.

First of all, the two founders, Phillip An and JunYuan Tan, are excellent. I truly love the professional working style and boldness of the two when bringing a new model like Homebase to Vietnam and pioneering in the market. The communication and working styles that emphasize speed and accuracy are very suitable for me. Thanks to that, I did not feel any hindrance when working with them.

I also highly appreciate the open, frank, direct, and lean communication compared to other companies I worked in before. Thanks to these, even though the workload here is quite heavy, I don’t feel too overwhelmed or stressed out.

As for the team, everyone is mostly trainees in large numbers. They are young, enthusiastic, proactive, and able to balance everything from work, study, to personal life well. These really are a morale booster, giving me energy to kickstart my work every single day.

I also don’t feel any difference in language ability and mindsets when working with the younger-generation workers. A strong team like this can help the startup grow very quickly. This is something I am very satisfied with at Homebase.

The company sets very high standards in work. Some of the tasks assigned to everyone are very challenging. But together, everyone was able to overcome and bring about impressive results. It's rare for startups to have all-star players like this.

Finally, what are your expectations for the upcoming journey at Homebase?

I want to continue contributing to Homebase to expand to other markets and grow stronger as a team. Only then will we improve our products day by day and help more people own homes with Homebase.

This is the goal and unchanged vision of this “reckless” startup called Homebase!

Thank you Kimmy Le once again for your sincere sharing! We hope you’ll always keep the remarkable leadership spirit for your members at Homebase.

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