May 24, 2022

Can I Rent the House out When Homebase Holds the Title?


Are you looking to buy a house with Homebase and want to know if it is possible to rent it out? Must you share the profits with Homebase from the property? This article will answer it all for you.

In the Buy with Installment scheme, Homebase will hold the title while you accumulate savings for the final payment at the end of the contract.

While you’re staying in the house, decorating, innovating, or renting it out is entirely up to you. What’s better, you don’t even have to share with Homebase the rental yields, but make sure to let us know beforehand your leasing plans.  

Most frequently asked questions

Is Homebase a renting company?

Homebase does not rent out the property and so we won’t operate on a landlord-tenant basis. Homebase and you are two co-owners: Us on papers and you the actual use of the property.  

By the time of buying your property back, you will be the only owner on papers.  

What are the benefits I get when I buy a home with Homebase?

  • Move in right away from day 1
  • Renovate or rent out the property depending on your choice
  • No need to share profits and earnings with us
  • Easy to sell your house or get a fully buyout from Homebase

How does Buy with Installment work?

You can learn more in this article: How Foreigners Can Easily Own Property in Vietnam with Homebase

Is Homebase’s product right for you?

For more detailed information, please contact us via mobile/Zalo/Whatsapp at +(84) 948 23 00 33 or email Our team will contact you as soon as possible and answer any questions.


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