Client Stories
February 11, 2022

Helping John, an Australian and a father of two young children, buy a family home in Vietnam


Originally hailing from Australia, John has worked all over the world as a researcher and professor for over 20 years, including at National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, RMIT University in Australia. Following his passion for research, John eventually found his way to Ton Duc Thang University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

When he first moved to Vietnam in 2017, John settled into a small room at the university’s staff accommodation. As he was living just by himself then, the cosy space was suitable and convenient. However, when his two young children moved to Vietnam to join him, John found the space inadequate for their needs.

“I knew it was time to move to a bigger place.”

John began to look for a new place suitable for his family right about when the first wave of COVID-19 broke out in Vietnam in 2020, which added on an extra layer of uncertainty. John had a clear idea of what he was looking for, namely, a mid-range property close to his university with adequate space for his growing children. However, John was also aware that, particularly for foreigners, navigating the property market in Vietnam was going to be tough. Thus, John looked around for an agency to assist him with the search and financing.

Unfortunately, John encountered several disreputable agencies along the way. He often felt that they were hiding information from him. The lack of transparency put him at a disadvantage, and caused a lot of frustration! Ultimately, John had to walk away from the agencies due to trust and communication issues.

Hearing about his frustrations, a colleague recommended John to Homebase. After an initial discussion, John worked with Homebase on finding his dream home in the city. It took us less than 2 weeks to find him the perfect apartment, and then another month to complete all the paperwork.

"Homebase has a well-built process for home-buyers. They carefully list out every touchpoint, which helped me a lot with planning and being well aware of the intricacies."

John was also pleased with the attention to detail and customer service provided by Homebase.

“Things like quick responses and detailed explanations made me feel respected and that I could trust Homebase.”

Homebase is always happy to support clients like John to realize homeownership in Vietnam.

John and his young family have now settled comfortably and happily in their new apartment. It is a new modern flat with high ceiling and big airy spaces, the interiors have also been upgraded to create a bright and homey atmosphere. In contrast to the staff dormitory room, this is the perfect place for his children to grow up, with a big playground to cycle in and a swimming pool.

“Homebase suited us down to the ground - or rather, up onto the top floor, where we got the views of the Saigon river, the bridge and the city. This is the exact apartment we wanted. Homebase took care of every issue that came up, and now we are living in a place we love.”

To own a home without complexities, Homebase is here to help. Whether you're a similar buyer to John or have a friend that struggles to find reliable services, Homebase is only one call/email away.

Contact us by by phone/Zalo/WA at (+84) 964 245 404 or email at to get help in buying a home today!


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