May 23, 2022

Is Buy with Installment a Good Choice for Foreign Investors?


Are you an overseas investor looking into the lucrative real estate market in Vietnam? Let us show you how Homebase’ Buy with Installment product can help you invest with more diverse options. You’ll see if it’s a great choice to enrich your portfolio!

Evaluating investment opportunities has never been an easy task. For foreigners unfamiliar with  Vietnam’s investment landscape, the complexity of the real estate market may challenge even the most experienced investors. But don’t worry: Even amidst rising housing prices, a property market’s bubble is unlikely to happen.

That being said, Homebase will assist you in choosing the right housing project so you can invest with ease. Let’s kick it off!

What are the top concerns that foreign owners have in Vietnam’s real estate market?

Be it empirical or research-based, these are the most asked questions about the Vietnamese market:

How healthy is the housing market? 

The short answer is: Pretty positive. Vietnam has recorded high property growth rates within the last few years. More than 40 thousand housing projects are available year-on-year, opening up opportunities for both local and foreign buyers to consider.

As of January 2022, most stakeholders “had their hopes up” about an optimistic outlook after COVID-19’s fourth outbreak. It’s not hard to see that the market is ready to thrive again in and beyond 2022.

Is investing in Vietnam worth it?

Due to cultural factors, owning a house in Vietnam is considered a hallmark of adulthood. Many young people strive to become  homeowners at some point in their lives, which causes the demand for land and landed properties to rise. As a result, land and real estate products are among the most sought after assets in the country. Investing in these products can usually guarantee a fruitful return on investment

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However, foreigners are not allowed to own land in Vietnam. Therefore, your best bet would be to invest in other (landed) properties. This is where Homebase can help: We can introduce you to potential housing projects to invest in and assist you thoroughly during the homebuying process.

How does Buy with Installment help me invest better?

Market-wide, Vietnam is expected to be on a long, hot streak in terms of real estate products. In Ho Chi Minh City - the country’s commercial hub, there are plenty of investment opportunities. Homebase enables you to tap directly into the burgeoning scene with high-value real estate products.

Operating mainly in Ho Chi Minh City in 2022, Homebase has market expertise to advise you on the most potential properties/housing units. We can also connect you with an agent to match your needs with the most suitable property in case you haven’t had a clear one in mind.

Our database can support a wide range of assets in the top areas within Ho Chi Minh City. These can be busy districts, expat-rich locations, or trending spots in the real estate market (Thu Thiem City, for example.)

In terms of customer support, we tailor our services to best meet your needs. Matching you with agents, doing due diligence for your chosen property, and offering flexible payment plans are among some of the bespoke services Homebase offers.

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Why should I invest with Homebase?

Most overseas owners face huge difficulties buying a house in Vietnam. The buying process is complex and time-consuming. At the same time, home loans for foreign customers are also not facilitated. Without assistance from an expert on the market, you’ll easily be daunted by how hard it is to start owning a home in Vietnam.

A trusted partner for some of the world’s most known global funds and private equity firms (Y Combinator, Antler, Class 5 Global, Pegasus Technology Ventures, 1982 Ventures),  Homebase is well-equipped to solve homeownership problems across Southeast Asia for both our local and international clients.

We simplify the process to help anyone buy their home in Vietnam with our Buy with Installment product. Many underserved homebuyers have benefited from our disruptive services, including entrepreneurs, Vietnamese Americans (also known as Viet Kieu), foreign owners, and even startup founders without a stable income. 

For these reasons, Homebase’ Buy with Installment is a great choice for foreign investors.

Start investing in Vietnam today with Homebase

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