Client Stories
February 11, 2022

Michelle Nguyen: Empowering a Rookie Real Estate Investor to Make Her First Investment in Vietnam


When Michelle Nguyen was growing up in Vietnam, achieving success meant two things for her. Firstly, being able to open and run her own business which, as the CEO of Beat the Sweat, a women’s sportswear and apparel brand, she managed to achieve through sheer hard work and grit; and secondly, to become a prolific investor in real estate.

"I’ve always been interested in real estate investing - Vietnam has a robust and vibrant real estate market which is a perfect place for me to start.”

Surprisingly, however, this second goal was as difficult to achieve as the first. After spending months learning about trends and researching into Vietnam's real estate market, she missed out on opportunity after opportunity after having to reallocate her cash flow to re-invest/operate her own company instead. “It was unfortunate when you already know lots of lucrative investments but don’t have enough money to put in.” While some traditional financing options did go through, she often faced higher rates or lower lending ratios than what was possible.

Luckily, Michelle found Homebase and received an alternative financing option that worked for her. “Homebase's model is the most innovative I've worked with, especially in terms of payment terms. I took a risk trying new things, but it was totally worth it.”

Within one week of working with a Homebase representative, Michelle was not only able to secure a financing budget to buy property with, but also a recommended list of investment opportunities that suited her appetite. “Homebase sets itself apart from the market by not only lending out the money but also putting their own money to co-invest with the customer. That makes me super confident because I know they are always by my side,” Michelle says.

“What makes it so great to work with Homebase is that they have an in-depth knowledge of real estate investing and always align with your interest.”

Homebase is happy to play a small part in empowering clients like Michelle to get started on their investment paths, and be a trusted advisor in the process. She adds, "I am so grateful to have Homebase as a co-investor in my first real estate investment. This is a wonderful start for me and I look forward to working with Homebase again in the future.

For more information about how Homebase supported Michelle every step on her way, reach out to us by phone/Zalo/WA at (+84) 964 245 404 or email at Our team will guide you through a painless process that'll help you move in almost immediately!


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