August 2, 2022

Buy with Installment - Top 4 Concerns and How to Solve them


How many products does Homebase offer? What types of properties will Homebase support? Can I trust Homebase?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions when customers come to Homebase. Let's break down each question in this article!

Is it safe to work with Homebase?

Homebase is trusted by leading global, regional investors and venture capitals (Y Combinator, Antler, VinaCapital Ventures, Class 5 Global, Pegasus Technology Ventures, etc.) That means we have gone through a rigorous due diligence process to qualify as a major investor portfolio company.

Therefore, Homebase needs to maintain this trust by being transparent about the services provided to our customers. We must report monthly and quarterly to investors on our business activities.

For this, you can totally trust us to help you own property with ease.

Does Homebase support real estate outside HCMC?

Currently, Homebase only focuses on inner-city real estate. We will also work with all types of real estate from primary and secondary market, with transparent legal status.

Homebase also offers a wide range of support packages for a variety of customer groups, including:

  • Vietnamese;
  • Foreigners, Viet Kieus (except for land);
  • Foreigners with Vietnamese spouses: Ownership rights similar to Vietnamese.

How do I secure my ownership rights when Homebase holds the title?

Homebase designed the ownership solution with the intention that you will buy the property back at the end of the contract. We sign strict and binding legal documents from the start to ensure this will take place. By the time 100% of your payment is complete, we will transfer the property title back to you.

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Can entrepreneurs or those without a stable income own with Homebase?

Totally possible! In fact, many of Homebase's customers have been able to buy and start living or investing in Vietnamese properties regardless of their backgrounds. Take a look at some success stories with Homebase below:

1. Trang: Providing Flexible Home Financing to a “Shark Tank” CEO to Buy Her Dream Family Home 

2. Brian: Guiding and Co-investing alongside Brian Down the Path of Real Estate Investment in Vietnam 

3. Dang Tran: Paving the Path for a Veteran Real Estate Investor to Invest in Vietnam  

4. Jonee - A Proud Homebase Homeowner

Let us help you buy your dream home today

It’s not easy to buy property in Vietnam as a foreigner. Aside from the complicated process, bank mortgages are also not available for overseas home buyers. 

In contrast, Homebase conducts more empathetic background checks to serve as many customers as we can, including those under-qualifying for a bank loan. We can help kickstart your ownership journey today with ease.

Contact Homebase for any questions you may have by phone/WhatsApp/Zalo at (+84) 964 245 404 or email: We’re excited to offer great help to you!  


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