May 20, 2022

What Documents Should I Prepare Before Selling to Homebase?


Prior to our transaction, you will need to provide some documents about your property. That will help us have a general overview of the house you want to sell to support you better.

Let’s figure out what they are!

What kind of assets does Homebase acquire?

Currently, Homebase only focuses on acquiring apartments under the Vinhomes Grand Park project.

One of Homebase's top priorities when making a purchase offer is that the acquisition price should be as accurate as possible. To do this, Homebase needs to rely on information and data sources in the market, especially from projects of reputable investors. Vinhomes Grand Park perfectly matches the requirements of Homebase at the moment.

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What documents do I need to prepare before I sell to Homebase?

For owners that are spouses/more than one

1. Certificate of property ownership and land use right (if available);

2. ID card or passport (both spouses);

3. The pink book (both spouses);

4. Certificate of marital status.

For single-member owners

1. Certificate of marital status (if single);

2. Certificate of marital status (if divorced);

3. Death certificate of spouse (if any);

4. Papers evidencing separate property as a result of being given as a gift, inherited separately or agreement on property division;

5. Sale authorization contract (if any);

6. Photos of the house;

7. Papers proving mortgage status (if any).

Let Homebase support you!

Selling a home in Vietnam doesn’t have to be difficult. Homebase can help you with that. Simply contact us via mobile/Zalo/Whatsapp at (+84) 964 245 404 or email Let’s sell your home simply and quickly today!


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