May 24, 2022

Where Does the Capital for “Sell to Homebase” Come from?


Have you ever wondered why Homebase can proceed with payments so fast compared to the market standard time?

Thanks to the financial support from leading global institutions, we’re able to facilitate the transaction in the shortest amount of time possible.

What is the process of selling a home with Homebase?

Sell to Homebase is our unique method of buying your property and paying you in cash as fast as 72 hours. 

Step 1: Provide property information. Leave information about the property and the Homebase team will contact you if the property matches our criteria.

Step 2: Get a free quote immediately. Homebase uses market data and popular valuation methods to determine the most accurate value.

Step 3: Schedule a house visit with us. Homebase will check the actual condition of the property and give a final price.

Step 4: Sell to Homebase and get instant cash. After closing the deal, we will transfer money directly to your account. There is no need to wait for a long disbursement time as for normal transactions.

Where does Homebase obtain our fundings?

We do our transactions on a daily basis. Because of the unlimited number of real estate acquisitions, Homebase requires sustainable funding to make sure that we can pay our customers immediately.

The capital comes from investors in the form of equity ownership or loans. These investments generate interest every day. Because of this interest rate, Homebase is required to follow a 3-month liquidation procedure, meaning every real estate we purchase must be resold in 3 months’ time. After a successful transaction, we’ll immediately re-list it for sales to capture the relevant market prices.

The amount generated from each home sale will enable us to complete more Sell to Homebase transactions in the future. 

Ready to sell, stress-free?

There’s little doubt that our solution will bring you more benefits compared to traditional methods. If you still have questions, please contact or leave information for the team by phone/Zalo (+84) 964 245 404 or email . We are happy to assist you!


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