May 24, 2022

Why did Homebase Change Its Support Rate from 80% to 90%?


If you've been following us for a while, you probably already know that Homebase used to support up to 80% of the initial payment for Buy with Installment transactions. This amount is now up to 90%.

What is the reason behind this change? Discover how the new level better supports prospective homeowners with us!

Why is Homebase supporting up to 90% now?

This is Homebase's maximum capital contribution for when you buy a house in Vietnam with us. 

Most customers are not yet financially capable to purchase the entire property by the time you get to Homebase. We will buy the house upfront and customize a payment plan for later that suits your budget.

In short, the 90% support is the maximum initial capital contribution from Homebase, which means you only need to spend 10% to start owning your dream home.

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How does Buy with Installment work?

Here is the home ownership journey in 5 simple steps with Homebase:

Step 1: Go home-shopping or Homebase can recommend a professional agent to help you.

Step 2: Homebase will buy the house in cash. You only need to pay as little as 10% of the property’s value in advance.

Step 3: Move in, renovate, or rent it out depending on your preference.

Step 4: Deposit monthly. You have 2 options: Monthly minimum and Fully buyout.

Step 5: Get property transferred to your name once you’ve paid 100% of the value. Or you can also terminate the contract early without incurring penalty fees at any time.

Why did we change the support rate from 80% to 90%?

In Vietnam, most traditional loans only support up to 70%. This makes it difficult for local customers to find capital to buy a house or invest in real estate as they want. Usually, after obtaining a mortgage, Vietnamese customers will have to borrow more from many other sources, especially when escalating house prices make a home purchase even more unaffordable. 

Understanding this, Homebase initially supports 80% of the value to help these customers out However, after receiving feedback and monitoring actual needs, we increased up to 90% of the support rate. 

This will help enable potential buyers to leverage their finances from the start.

Let Homebase shoulder your financial burdens

Homebase always aims to make it easier for customers regardless of your backgrounds, income, and nationalities to own a home. Therefore, flexibility in payment options is at the core of our service.

Don't hesitate to contact the Homebase team to buy your dream home right now. Homebase will quickly assist you via phone/Zalo/Whatsapp at (+84) 964 245 404 and email


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