Exceptional opportunities
with exceptional people

Rocketship growth

Recent $30M fundraise from leading global investors; arguably the most valuable proptech in Vietnam

Accelerated career path

Meritocratic culture based on contributions and abilities, not age, gender or other arbitrary factors

Startup speed

Drive high-impact decisions and challenge the norm

Like-minded peers

Young, hungry, and elite colleagues of top percentile talent

Alumni of top companies and schools globally

Meet the team

Product Management Executive

Hoa Phung

“Challenging" - Homebase is a challenge in its nature. If you strive for difficulties and thrills every day, Homebase is a home for you.

Head Of Business Development

Tracy Vu

Homebase’s mission is life-changing, and its ideas are promising because of their uniqueness and applicability.

DIGITAL Marketing Executive

Kiet Huynh

The typical top-down working hierarchy you find in many other places isn't here at all. Because of that, there aren't many other places like Homebase.

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