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Start living and investing in your dream home today with these simple steps.

1. Choose any home

Pick any property in the market, or we can recommend an agent to help.

2. We'll buy it today

We'll buy the home at the current market price. Move in, renovate, or rent it out today.

3. Agree on buyback

Pre-agree a future buyback price from us and deposit towards it monthly - no rent or interest!

4. Buy out anytime

We'll transfer the title upon receiving pre-agreed price, or fully buy out/sell anytime.

Why Homebase is better than traditional financing options.

See how Homebase compares


Traditional Mortgage

Everyone is eligible

Initial deposit as little as 10%

Deposit only - no monthly rent or interest

Buy back more equity anytime

Flexible contract term between 1 month and 10 years

Fast closing (1 week or less)

Bespoke support for law, finance, and tax

Benefits of buying with Homebase.

At Homebase, we offer a more flexible alternative to traditional bank financing with significantly better advantages, that everyone can qualify for.

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Simple and fast process

Fill out a 5-min form to start and close within 48 hours.

Easy to qualify

Put in as little as 10% initial deposit.

Qualify regardless of nationality or income

Our homeownership services are accessible by everyone.

Any type of property across Vietnam

Apartments, condotels, officetels, villas, land, etc.

Flexible structure with maximum options

Fully buy out, sell or walk away anytime.

We buy with a powerful all-cash offer

Cash offers are 3x more likely to be accepted and often get 5-10% discounts.

9 out of 10 clients recommend Homebase.

See how Homebase has made the dream of homeownership come true for hundreds of families.

9 out of 10 clients recommend Homebase.

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Frequently asked questions.

Not finding what you are looking for? We are here to help and answer all of your questions! Find our full FAQs here.

How is the buyback price determined?

The buyback price is based on a fixed YoY appreciation percentage over initial price - approximately 6%/year assuming an initial 50% deposit. Calculate your exact price here.

Who owns the home initially?

Homebase buys out the property for you initially. You'll save up and deposit to buy back your portion - anytime! Meanwhile, you can move in, rent it out, or renovate the property as you want.

How is the monthly deposit calculated?

At minimum, deposit just the monthly appreciation. Or, if you want to fully buy out by the end of the contract, deposit both the appreciation and a bit of our portion each month.

What happens if I want to terminate early?

No problem! You can choose to buy out fully or sell to another party by depositing 100% anytime. Or, if you want to move on, you can walk away and cash out your savings.

What happens if I can no longer commit to buying the property?

That’s fine! For whatever reason that you can no longer afford the house, Homebase will take over and find a new buyer for you, and you will be able to cash out your savings. We will, however, ask you to pay the necessary fees associated with selling the property.


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