May 23, 2022

How Many Payment Types of “Buy with Installment” are Available?


Are you browsing through Homebase’ homeownership plans and wondering what entails in each? Let’s take a quick look at our payment plans and learn how we design the perfect solution to help you buy a house in Vietnam easily.

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What is Buy with Installment?

A flexible ownership solution, Homebase’ Buy with Installment allows you to easily buy and own your house without a giant down payment in the beginning. Working with us, you can move in as early as 1 week, instead of waiting 3-4 months compared to traditional methods.

Why Homebase?

Owning a house in Vietnam can be a hassle for many. As a foreigner, you’re not allowed to take out a mortgage or own more than 30% per housing project. For those who want to live permanently or invest in the country, this is a significant barrier. Unfortunately, there aren’t many trustworthy services to cater to this need.

Homebase is the alternative homeownership solution that’s void of these pitfalls when it comes to buying a house in Vietnam. We support your buying journey with some highlights you can’t find anywhere else in Vietnam:

Buying the house entirely in cash

In Vietnam, cash is still the standard way to do transactions. Although 70% of the Vietnamese population has a bank account, most of them don’t have access to credit. This makes cash transactions the norm for buying and selling property in the country.

When you work with Homebase, we’ll buy your chosen property in cash to facilitate the working process and help you move in immediately.

Supporting up to 90% of the initial amount

The trouble for foreign customers to buy a house in Vietnam remains: Unless married to a Vietnamese spouse, you cannot take out a loan or own land. This translates to little to zero financing to help with your property payment. Even when you manage to qualify for a bank mortgage, their amount falls anywhere between 0 and 70% of the property’s value. 

At Homebase, we understand that this can be a real pain for many excited potential homeowners that first arrive in the country. This is why we’ll aid you with up to 90% of the purchase price upfront. The rest of the payment will be planned out until your contract’s end to give you the most flexibility of owning and enjoying your new house.

Flexible contract ranges anywhere from 1 month to 10 years

This gives you a wider pool of options to plan your finances accordingly. Many customers, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, foreigners, and more, have benefited from our flexible contract terms

The flexibility enables you to easily plan your payment schedule based on the actual time of living in the country.

Customizable payment plans every month

There are two types of payment plans you can choose from: The Fully buyout option and the Monthly minimum option.

Each type will be more suitable for some foreign owners than others. Make sure you read until the end and decide which one speaks to your situation the most!

What are the differences between these two?

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Fully buyout

To completely own your property by the contract’s end, you’ll deposit both the property’s price and the appreciation rate monthly as agreed beforehand.

The appreciation rate is calculated in a comprehensive manner. We employ market data, compare relevant price ranges, and produce a final appreciation rate for each financing amount you choose. For example, we may assume a rate of 6%/year for an initial 50% home deposit. 

The appreciation rate is publicly available when you play around with the calculator on our website.

Note that at any time, you can always deposit more to buy back your property sooner. There is no limit to how much you can pay to speed up the homeownership process.

Monthly minimum

Not feeling like you’ll be paying both the property’s price and the appreciation rate? No problem: Deposit only the appreciation rate in the monthly minimum payment plan.

By paying only the appreciation rate, you can save more per month, and use that amount to re-invest to grow your finances. 

Even when you’re not depositing the property’s price, this amount remains intact. Depending on your purchasing time, a certain buyback price will be applied (We’ll also communicate with you about this beforehand!)

What this gives you is the flexibility to customize your financial plan each month and focus on what matters most to you, be it raising a family, starting a new job in a different country, or expanding your investment portfolio.

Buying your dream home in Vietnam today!

Skip the fuss around finding the perfect place to live or invest in, we’ve got you covered! Let us know your preferences and we’ll customize everything for you: From referring agents to help you pick the right house, to process paperwork so that you can move in from day 1 - within 1 week!

Curious about how we get it done so fast? Drop us an email at, call/message/Whatsapp us at (+84) 964 245 404 and we’ll reach out to you within 48 hours!


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