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Application fees for Homebase products - How much do I have to pay?

Among other costs, application fee is one of the important fees which is included in Buy with Installment and Unlock Equity’s products. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about this type of fee before making any purchase decision. Let’s get right into it!

A Day in the Life of Homebase’ Head of Growth: Kimmy Le (Part 2)

In this section, Kimmy Le continues to share the activities she undertakes at Homebase, as well as what has kept her here!

What Documents Should I Prepare Before Selling to Homebase?

Prior to our transaction, you’ll need to provide some documents about your property. That will help us have a general overview of the house you want to sell to support you better. Let’s figure out what they are!

Where Does the Capital for “Sell to Homebase” Come from?

Have you ever wondered why Homebase can proceed with payments so fast compared to the market standard time? Thanks to the financial support from leading global institutions, we’re able to facilitate the transaction in the shortest amount of time possible.

Can I Sell My Home While I Still Have a Mortgage?

At Homebase, we’re committed to helping you sell and get paid in cash when your property satisfies our criteria, even when it means there is more work to be done - like a mortgage.

3 Important Factors for Real Estate’s Economic Value

Whether buying or selling a home, we are interested in the potential return on investment that a property offers. What determines its economic value? Find out now!