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We help agents win alongside their clients.

Close more deals, earn extra commissions, and make your clients happier when you work with Homebase - No cost to you.

How it works.

As an agent, partnering with Homebase brings many advantages and  it is completely free for you.

1. Refer your client

Tell your client about Homebase's homeownership products and see which one is the most relevant. Then fill out the form to book a call with us.

2. We'll do the hard part

We will work with you and your client to fully explain and coordinate the transaction process. You will be in the loop every single step of the way.

3. Close and get paid

Once the deal is closed (as fast as 3 days),you’ll get paid an extra referral commission from Homebase on top of your normal commission.

Homebase isn't an agency - but we help agents succeed.

Traditional mortgage options in Vietnam are rigid, and exclusive of many aspiring buyers. At Homebase, we  offer a more flexible alternative to traditional bank financing that everyone can qualify for.

Get pre-qualified

Serve more clients

Serve foreign clients, or those who don't qualify for bank loans

Client confidentiality

We will never share your client information without permission.

Earn extra commission

Receive additional commission from us on top of your agent commission.

Completely free for you

No costs to you. Let our team handle the hard work.

Solutions for everyone.

Additional services that make homeownership easier?

De-mortgage your home, buy with cash, title escrow, POAs, and more!

Additional Services

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Learn about how agents can earn more commission with Homebase.

Refer a client today.

Work with Homebase to close more deals, earn extra commissions, and make your clients happier. Rest assured that the information you provide us will solely be used for reaching out and will not be shared without your permission.

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Frequently asked questions.

Not finding what you are looking for? We are here to help and answer all of your questions! Find our full FAQs here.

When will I be paid my commission?

For Homebase commission, immediately after the deal is closed. For any agent commissions, you'll receive 50% at deposit signing, 30% at SPA signing, and 20% after taxes.

What happens to my information?

Homebase will solely use the information for contacting you or your client. We will not share the information outside unless we have your permission to do so.

Do I have to be an agent to refer clients?

Anyone can refer clients to Homebase and enjoy the same benefits and advantages.

How much does Homebase charge me?

Working with Homebase as a partner is completely free of charge!

Get in touch with us.

Our phone line is available from 9 AM to 9 PM every day, and our email inbox is open 24/7 for any inquiries you might have.