August 3, 2022

Meet our Head Of Business Development, Tracy Vu


Tracy is the Head of Business Development and one of the senior members at Homebase. She has over 13 years of experience in the real estate industry. She enjoys doing yoga and watching movies in her free time. During the lockdown, Tracy realized that one of the most important things to do is learning new skills. She has been trying to cook and bake - two things she had never done before. She also has been trying to improve her yoga skills, as well as bettering her work-life balance.

In this interview, we’ll learn more about Homebase in all of its stages from Tracy’s perspective, projects she’s working on, her opinions on Homebase’s stance in Vietnam’s market, and some important advice from her.

What is it like working as a senior member at Homebase?

I first met the co-founders of Homebase in 2019. I was immediately drawn to the idea of facilitating the homeownership dream of many buyers, who would otherwise be turned down by traditional banks, with only a low down payment. The idea was unique and well supported, and it was everything I thought would make a unicorn company. As soon as Homebase launched, I didn’t hesitate to become one of the first people on the team. Since then, I’ve been trying my best to utilize my expertise in the field to grow the company.

What was it like when you first joined the company?

Back then, Homebase was just a few people working in coffee shops - unconventional “offices,” working together and coming up with many revolutionary ideas. Many of us are still onboard at Homebase to this day, but now we have expanded to a real office space with so many new faces from all walks of life. It is refreshing to have those brainstorming sessions again with so much more input.

What made you want to join Homebase in the first place?

It was mainly because of the company’s idea. With my experience of over 13 years in the real estate industry, I’ve seen a lot of younger clients facing the same issue when it comes to home buying. Many of them didn’t have the assets to be eligible for a traditional bank loan, and I was excited that Homebase’s solution could solve that pain point.

Could you tell me about some projects you’re working on?

The end goal is enabling homebuyers to own their dream home with easy and flexible payment options. Homebase helps our foreign and local clients complete all the legal checks and property valuations needed to buy properties in the Vietnam market. I oversee all of those pieces to make sure that they are at their best for the clients. We also cooperate with our partners to help facilitate the transactions.

What is a challenge you think Homebase faces?

The current COVID outbreak has been intense in Vietnam, which created a lot of challenges not only for us in the market but also for our clients. They wanted financial support, but it has been challenging to obtain mortgages for clients with a lower credit score. However, the Homebase team is trying our best to accommodate our clients amid this crisis.

What do you like about Homebase?

I think that our team has strong problem-solving and collaboration skills. Although the team consists of people from all walks of life, be it international members, real estate experts, or university students, it doesn’t interfere with our synergy as an organization. Especially during the nationwide lockdown of the pandemic, our team still band together to try and solve all the problems that cross our path. Not only do we help our clients, but we also help each other.

What are some good opportunities you see for Homebase right now?

Right now, 80% of Vietnamese millennials want to be a homeowner. Yet, the traditional route of bank loans cannot adapt to the ever-changing financial status of the new generation. This is where Homebase comes in. With our flexible payment plans and low costs, we are committed to catering to various needs and wants of Vietnamese millennials. On top of that, we can help facilitate multiple investment opportunities in real estate for the same client. If someone buys a house with us and wants a second or third home further down the road, they can get them with our help.

How do you see Homebase in a couple of years?

Homebase’s mission is life-changing, and its ideas are promising because of their uniqueness and applicability. However, to make Homebase a unicorn company, we still need a lot of talents to join the team in the future. For now, we are still in our early stages with the primary objective of making our clients’ experiences enjoyable. This might take us a few years to master. The good thing is that Vietnam is experiencing a significant uptrend in the real estate market, and we are eager to catch that wave.


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