How does Buy with Installment work?

Buy With Installment is a flexible home financing solution that offers customers an installment payment plan to buy & own their property.

“Buy with Installment” offers homeownership accessible financing solutions, in which customers have installment plans to buy & own their property.

  • Step 1: Find the property you want to purchase with Homebase. Don’t have one in mind? We can recommend a professional agent to help you!
  • Step 2: Put down as low as a 10% deposit of the property’s value. Homebase will purchase the property from the owner and hold the property’s title. Customers will buy back the property with a pre-agreed amount, based on the annual appreciation rate of the property
  • Step 3: Move in, renovate, or rent it out depending on your preference
  • Step 4: Deposit monthly installments to buy back the property
  • Step 5: Pay property in full and hold the property’s title. No longer want to buy back? Find a new buyer anytime and earn an additional appreciation rate.

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