How will my property be assessed?

Our team comprised of 10+ years experienced real estate lawyers and property valuators will conduct the 2 property assessment rounds
Property due diligence

This is where we carry out a thorough check of the property's legal conditions such as ownership, potential disputes, and other legal risks

Property valuation

This is where we conduct site visits and evaluate the property price.

High-level rules for property assessment  

Mostly use comparative market analysis. The property value is defined as:

  • The current property price at which the property can be liquidated within 6 months, assuming that the potential buyers know all the issues related to the property.
  • The property price takes into consideration all risk factors that might cause depreciations (such as future zonings, etc.)
  • Exclude macroeconomic factors

The property assessment is highly critical to make sure that both you and Homebase are investing in a good property at a fair price.

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