Who will bear the costs for the property transferring from Seller to Homebase?

Homebase assists customers in making a purchase on the property on your behalf at the very end of the “Buy With Installment” process. You will need to pay charges incurred throughout the property transfer procedure, such as the title transfer fee and any additional Notary fees required.
Title transfer fee

Title Transfer Fee: After signing the Investment Agreement with Homebase, you will pay a 0.5% title transfer fee. Homebase will execute the Sales & Purchase Agreement and complete the property purchase with the seller at the same time.

The Provincial Land Administrative & Land Registration Office charges a title transfer fee as an administrative cost for transferring ownership of real estate from the seller to the buyer. As a result, you will be accountable for this amount when Homebase acquires the house on your behalf.

Other notary and associated fees

This expense may arise throughout the notary procedure, and you can negotiate with the seller regarding who is responsible for paying it.

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