May 20, 2022

Sell to Homebase - 4 Important Criterias


What will determine whether a house meets Homebase's purchase criteria? Learn more with us in this article.

What is Sell to Homebase?

Simply put, Sell to Homebase helps you sell your home and get paid 60 times faster than the average transaction duration in the market.

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Currently, Homebase works with apartments in the Vinhomes Grand Park project. To receive information about potential new projects that we will purchase in the future, follow Homebase on social networks.

How it works

Sell your home simply for Homebase in just 4 steps:

Step 1: Provide property information. Leave information about the property and the Homebase team will contact you if the property matches our criteria.

Step 2: Get a free quote immediately. Homebase uses market data and popular valuation methods to determine the most accurate value.

Step 3: Schedule a house visit with us. Homebase will check the actual condition of the property and give a final price.

Step 4: Sell to Homebase and get instant cash. After closing the deal, we will transfer money directly to your account. There is no need to wait for a long disbursement time as for normal transactions.

4 important conditions for Homebase to buy your house

House value under 5 billion VND

Currently, the cap value that we support is 5 billion VND. This helps us make sure we can control asset fluctuations in the future. Typically, properties in this price range have relatively stable growth, making them easy to be resold in the market after Homebase purchases it.

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Adequate information in the market

With Sell to Homebase, we aim to provide a price that’s the closest to the market rate. We combine artificial intelligence and market data to achieve this.  

The more sources we can obtain, the more accurate pricing we can offer you with.

Low assets’ pricing fluctuation

Vietnam's real estate market can fluctuate up to 20% per year. The prices are particularly volatile in markets where little information is found (for example: land).

This also means that projects with high price volatility can lead to greater risks, making it difficult for Homebase to set a fair purchase price.

Therefore, properties in the Vinhomes Grand Park project with low risk are our target at the moment.

High and sustainable demand    

Homebase is backed by prestigious global funds that hold us to high standards for each transaction. Therefore, each house we purchase must have a high re-selling pricing prospect. 

This translates to business efficiency and will cement our trust in our investors.

Still confused? Let us help you!

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