May 4, 2022

A Day in the Life of Homebase’ Head of Growth: Kimmy Le (Part 1)


Kimmy Le is currently the Head of Growth at Homebase. She joined the team in February 2022 and has already become a crucial team player. Let's find out what a working day for Kimmy Le looks like!


Kimmy Le has more than 12 years of experience leading teams in the fields of media, digital advertising, healthtech and digital solutions.

She also has more than 6 years of experience in the Director and Senior Director roles, and has managed a team of 17 to 50 members on an international scale. Her strengths include sales, marketing, consulting, user search, digital transformation, and e-commerce.

In addition to a strong track record of impressive positions, Kimmy Le is also an enthusiast of blockchain, e-commerce, technology companies, and venture capital.

Can you introduce a little bit about yourself?

Hi everyone, I'm Kimmy Le - Head of Growth at Homebase. I’m in charge of the entire growth marketing and customer relationship management to increase the number of transactions at Homebase. In the near future, I will take on many tasks to help Homebase expand our market in Southeast Asia. 

What does a typical workday look like for you?

It’s pretty hectic to say the least (laughs).

In the morning, I open Slack (the company's communication channel) to check the to-do list that I took notes from the night before.

After that, I join a meeting every day that lasts 15-20 minutes with my marketing and partnership teams to arrange and assign the day's work. Then I join meetings with C-level executives, worked with partners and joined some important internal meetings.

A large part of my day is spent solving problems via Slack, email or phone. The problems grow by the many but the headcount hasn’t caught up with those yet, which makes me quite busy.

I also coordinate the sales and marketing departments to work better, because these are two important functions in direct contact with customers. Solving backlog problems and finding solutions to improve customer experience is our goal at Homebase.

What is the structure of the Marketing department and the external division that you lead?

There are 6 main areas: Digital marketing, SEO content marketing, social media, video production, insight, and offline team.

Digital marketing will take care of activities of finding customers, running ads, running and measuring the results of marketing campaigns.

SEO content marketing is responsible for creating content for media publications, supporting and enhancing Homebase’ image.

The social media team takes care of our social media activities.

The production team produces videos, images, infographics and other visual materials for Homebase, supporting social media and SEO content marketing.

In addition, I am also focusing on looking for people to take on the role of offline marketing, which means that you must be at the company's office a few times a week. We’re also implementing online-to-offline (O2O) marketing activities to capture more touchpoints and improve customer experience. 

Another important function is between the Product and Marketing team. We’ll use the data from our Product team to leverage marketing activities, getting more customers to close more deals! 

Beside, I’m also working with real estate brokers for collaborative activities with Homebase. All of this collaboration will help cement Homebase’ customer-facing side in the long run.

Can you share Homebase's upcoming plans?

In the coming time, Homebase will work with big investors and real estate developers in many cities other than Ho Chi Minh City. Expanding business requires that the team also increase in quantity and quality, so we are very active in recruiting talented people.

Customers in Vietnam are not familiar with Homebase's models and products, which I also consider a unique offering in the market. There is still a long way to go. 

All communication activities of Homebase will be done professionally to ensure the best experience for all customers. I will work closely with the team to deploy and expand new activities such as social listening and increasing coverage on more platforms than in the past year. The goal of these activities is to help customers understand more about Homebase. 

Thank you Kimmy Le for sharing your experience at Homebase. Looking forward to a future conversation with you!


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