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August 2, 2022

Brian: Guiding and Co-investing alongside Brian Down the Path of Real Estate Investment in Vietnam


After 11 years of living and working in Vietnam, Brian was ready to dive into investing in the lucrative real estate market here. An expat originally hailing from the United States, Brian had spent the past several years in Southeast Asia building several of the largest multimedia publications in Vietnam, namely Saigoneer and Urbanist, specifically targeted towards expatriate working professionals. For Brian and his wife (a Vietnamese citizen), owning land was something that they’d personally had seen could generate healthy returns, and was on the top of the investment goals list.  

The beginning search process was fruitful and exciting - “We began to explore different areas and projects based on recommendations from friends, followed by visits across southern and central Vietnam,” Brian says.

However, once they found a few properties to proceed further on, Brian and his family quickly realized the difficulty of evaluating property in Vietnam, especially with land and its complex ownership history and transfer process. Unlike in the US, where title and ownership records are clear when considering an investment, there was almost nothing to go off of here. “Was the developer running a scam? Was the land registered correctly with the proper paperwork in-hand? Was the soil of the right variety for building a structure, or just farmland?... We realized that as novices we lacked the skills to accurately assess the necessary legal and environmental considerations.”

In the face of the additional risk and uncertainty of making a wrong choice, they became hesitant to pull the trigger in the fear of making a wrong choice. Brian adds, “For a while we idled in the face of these many questions until a friend of mine told me about Homebase, a startup company which he had just used to purchase a property in District 2.”

After running through his situation with a Homebase agent, Brian was not only able to get a financing plan to share the risk in his property investment but also specific guidance about his investment options. Out of the properties under consideration, some were far superior options, and we worked with Brian to ultimately decide on a piece of land in Bảo Lộc, not far from Da Lat.

“After a straightforward paperwork process, in which a Homebase representative did all the heavy lifting and dealt directly with the developer, we transferred some money into Vietnam from our US account and paid the deposit. Within a few days the transaction was complete.”

In the end, Brian was not only able to get financing to achieve his financial investment goals, but also do it with a partner with a vested interest in his success. Homebase’s "Buy with Installment" schemes mean that you have a committed partner that only wins when you do, allowing you greater peace of mind when it comes to making important financial and property decisions.

"No matter who you are or what motivates you to go down the path of ownership, Homebase seeks to not only make it easier to facilitate a purchase, but also acts as a guide to making the right choices.", said Brian.

Owning a house in Vietnam should be effortless. You can be next.

Simply shoot us a message at phone/Zalo/WA at (+84) 964 245 404 or email at The Homebase team is thrilled to make your homeownership dream come true!


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