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February 11, 2022

Dang Tran: Paving the Path for a Veteran Real Estate Investor to Invest in Vietnam


From leading the Data Intelligence division of Samsung Electronics in North America, to his most recent role - Head of Research and Development at Grab Vietnam, Dang has been a successful technology executive in some of the leading technology companies around the world. Along the way, he’s also been able to become a prolific real estate investor, owning several properties in the US and being well acquainted with the nuanced steps in every process.

As a “Viet Kieu”, an expatriate with Vietnamese roots, and studying more about the vibrant Vietnamese real estate market, Dang knew, from his previous experience, that being a long-term investor in a market as exciting as in Vietnam could surely yield generous returns.

However, getting started proved to be more tricky. One of the biggest things that held him back from investing in this market in the past was finding trustworthy players in the real estate ecosystem. "Trust is something I am always concerned with when working with agencies, it's hard for me to spend a large amount of money with someone that is not really sure what they are doing,” says Dang. This was especially true as legal certifications and legal processes here are not as clear as in Western markets.

Despite trying to work with a few agencies to find and invest in property. Dang wasn’t able to find a good fit for someone that he felt he could fully trust. “I was always enthusiastic when working with the realtors, but all I got back was their superficiality and lack of attention to detail when they kept pushing me to make deposits and sign lots of papers that they themselves didn't fully understand,” says Dang. Moreover as an experienced investor, Dang knew exactly what he wanted - and sometimes, the generic apartments that they pushed didn’t make the cut.

“Homebase is the only company in Vietnam that I’d trust to invest in large amount of capital [in the real estate market] with”

Dang found out about Homebase after watching a podcast on Youtube and was impressed by the company's professionalism and financial alignment with the customer in the products. He booked an appointment immediately after. "I was just planning to come and talk because I was quite interested in Homebase's products. But they earned my trust by methodically understanding my concerns about the law, tax, and financial processes in the Vietnam's  market and explaining exactly what Homebase will offer and execute,” says Dang.

Less than a year later, Dang has worked with Homebase to co-invest alongside in several types of deals throughout both Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces in Vietnam - everything from everything from short-term FLP, medium-term income property, and long-term  retirement home. When asked about his experience so far, Dang adds, “It’s been a world of difference when I worked with Homebase. They always make sure that all the processes are fully explained and transparent.”

Despite his newfound experience in the market, Dang is just getting started having found a trustworthy partner to invest alongside with in this lucrative market. "I think the journey has just begun, Homebase and I can do greater things together in the future,” concludes Dang.

Want a seamless and transparent homeownership process like Dang? Homebase can help you with it.

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