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February 11, 2022

Helping Ryan, a Foreign Expatriate, Get Access to Financing and Realize His Homeownership Goals in Vietnam

"I would definitely recommend Homebase. Homebase really changed my life."

Ryan, an American expatriate, has been working professionally in Vietnam for over 11 years across various executive positions in both domestic and international technology, finance, and FMCG companies. After years of living and renting a home in Saigon, he realized it was time for a change . "I’ve always had home ownership aspirations for the past 11 years in Vietnam. And when I had my first child, I knew this was the right time," says Ryan. “Working in the center of Saigon for the whole day, which is quite noisy, I want to have a place to retreat every night when my family and I go home.”

However, one of the biggest roadblocks that Ryan faced was lack of financing access for foreigners in Vietnam. Traditional banks in Vietnam, unfortunately, were very reluctant to provide financing to foreigners. “I discussed this issue with my wife and asked lots of my friends if there were any solutions, but there were still no optimistic signals.” Moreover, Ryan’s family aspired to own a house with a backyard, much like the ones back in the United States, but they faced further barriers as Vietnamese laws have restrictions on foreign ownership of land and landed property.

When Ryan was introduced to Homebase and realized that there was a possibility to get support even as a foreigner, things changed for the better. "It was an amazing moment when I heard that they can not only help a foreigner like me to not only finance but also own a house in Saigon."

Over the next several weeks, Ryan worked with the Homebase team to nail down his exact dream home, and a financing plan that suited them. “Homebase made it look so easy. I chose the house that I want to buy. They bought the house with me like a co-buyer and let me freely use the house. It only took them 2 weeks to finish all the legal steps and terms of payment. The customer service was so good that I felt I didn’t have to do anything,” says Ryan.

“Homebase has made the dream of home ownership for many foreigners in Vietnam come true.”

Ryan and his family were able to nail down the perfect home and move in right after we closed on the property together. His new modern home, upgraded with bright interior design, high ceilings and airy spaces, is a drastic contrast to the previous apartments that he rented. "It’s been a world of difference; everyone is happy. It’s only been a few months, and it already feels like home,” says Ryan.

Customers like Ryan are happy with their new places to call home (literally). You can be next, too. Start owning a house of your choice with us at or phone/Zalo/Whatsapp (+84) 964 245 404.


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