May 4, 2022

HR Intern - Le Vu Phuong Nghi: “Proactiveness is the key to success”


In this article, let's have a chat with Le Vu Phuong Nghi, Human Resources (HR) Intern at Homebase!

Can you introduce yourself a little bit?

Hello, I'm Nghi, a 3rd year student majoring in human resource management at the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City. At Homebase, I am one of the Human Resources Interns.

Can you share some interesting things about your daily work?

In general, I will take on tasks from recruitment to compensation and benefits (C&B) at Homebase.

A little bit of achievement that I am proud of is recruiting for the position of Sales Administrator, Human Resources Interns, Talent Acquisitions Interns, and some other positions in a short time.

On average, it takes 12-13 days to recruit an excellent employee, starting from when I review the application. However, with the position of Sales Administrator, I have not only successfully convinced not 1 but 2 talented people to join Homebase! With a very low pass rate for each round (only about 0.3%, which means that for every 1000 applications, only 3 applications proceed to the next round), I am quite proud that I have successfully exceeded the KPI!

How did you know about Homebase? What is your experience like right now?

I first learned about Homebase through a friend and an interview on Vietcetera.

Since the day I joined, I have had the opportunity to experience things that very few companies I had worked for were able to offer. The tasks assigned vary in difficulty levels, which requires me to focus as much as possible to find a solution. Besides working hard, I also need to form more disciplined work habits to be able to complete the assigned tasks on time.

In my opinion, this heavy and challenging workload is going to be rewarding in the long run. By tackling difficult tasks, I can shorten my learning curve here. This means that I can learn more crucial skills in a significantly shorter amount of time, which I love about Homebase.

How is your department structured?

Our department is quite small. Only 3-4 people take on a separate function of human resource management. When we are in trouble, we always try to support each other even though each of us is very busy. This makes the team closer and boosts morale really well when we collaborate.

Thanks to the workload and my awesome teammates, I have learned to appreciate and arrange my own work to complete the task on time.

Regarding the culture at Homebase in general, I really like the flat communication styles. There is no hierarchy and everyone is equal. Our opinion will be considered and respected as long as it adds value to the company. This saves a lot of time when I can directly raise my ideas to my superiors without having to go through many stages and departments.

Another thing I really like about Homebase is the team bonding activities when people go out to eat and relax together after work. I think this is a good opportunity to connect and integrate with Homebase and also grow our network.

Do you have any advice for those who want to join Homebase as a Human Resources Intern?

I will have three things to share: Be willing to get your hands dirty, take initiative, and have logical working habits.

To become an HR Intern, you must be ready to "wear many hats" - take on a variety of roles in not only human resources but also administrative and recruitment.

In addition, you also have to be extremely proactive. The manager will give you a lot of projects to complete in a short time. To be able to both complete on time and learn many things, you need to actively find solutions yourself, and learn from those who have done it before. Only then will you have enough ability and time to complete the assigned work.

In the end, getting in the habit of organizing everything will help you a lot. Because the working standards are high, you need a clear plan and timeline to deliver on time. I struggled a bit at first when I had to balance my life with Homebase, but it's much easier now!

What is your wish in the upcoming journey at Homebase?

I aspire to become a talented and skilled human resource specialist in all areas from recruitment, branding, L&D (learning and development for employees in the business), salary, compensation and benefits (C&B) in the company.

Thank you for taking the time to join our mini interview. Wish you a lot of health, and to soon achieve your goal here!


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