April 8, 2022

Meet Homebase's Youngest Digital Marketing Intern - Nguyen Viet Thanh


This article is also available in Vietnamese.

Nguyen Viet Thanh joined Homebase as a Digital Marketing Intern at the beginning of his sophomore year. Being the youngest member of the Marketing team, however, is no barrier for Viet Thanh to continue impressing everyone with his skills and knowledge.

In this article, let's discover more about Viet Thanh and his meaningful work at Homebase!

Can you introduce yourself a little bit?

Hi, I'm Nguyen Viet Thanh, a 2nd year student majoring in Digital Marketing and minoring in Economics and Finance at RMIT University. At Homebase, my responsibilities fall under the Digital and Performance Marketing scope.

From the very start, I already made up my mind that I wanted to train and excel in Performance Marketing to become a Digital Marketing Specialist. That's why I chose Homebase and relentlessly pursued the Client Marketing path instead of working in Creative Agencies. To make it easy to understand, my work has more to do with analytics and numbers rather than content and branding.

What does your typical working day look like?

I’d say it’s extremely diverse! There is no fixed task list: Rather, I’d get involved in a variety of marketing activities, from managing social platforms, planning and conducting market research, running and optimizing ads, to even translating website languages.

This is challenging and, at the same time, energizing for me. I start off the day by receiving the leader’s brief and then go on to design how I’d want to achieve the outcome. This gives me much more creativity and space to test, learn, and grow rather than in traditional workplaces.

Homebase is truly a dynamic environment where I can get my hands dirty and grow fast. 

How did you hear of Homebase? Until now, have your impressions changed much?

Like many people, I first knew of Homebase through an interview on Vietcetera. I was very impressed with the company and started researching more about it from there.

So far, what impressed me the most was how Homebase built and maintained its rigorous culture. The dynamic, English-speaking environment also helps me improve my communication skills very well.  

But the selling point probably lies in how Homebase operates around a culture of openness, ownership, and meritocracy. Homebase encourages opinions from all employees, including interns that are mostly young people like me, as long as these voices can help move the company forward. Ownership and self-management are also two outstanding characteristics. Right from the first week of the internship, I was assigned the project leader role by my superiors to launch new products to the market. It forced me to think as a leader, an owner rather than a follower, and I think that’s what makes Homebase really different from other players in the market. 

Working in an environment that promotes creativity like Homebase, I feel belonged and motivated. During the pandemic, Homebase also allowed 100% remote working, giving employees the flexibility to work anywhere we want to (and Homebase still offers remote - hybrid formats as of now).

Do you have any advice for people who want to join Homebase?

There are three things that I think everyone needs to prepare before joining.

First, you’ll need to have a growth mindset, seeing Homebase as a more rigorous learning environment rather than a normal workplace. You have to put 100% of your efforts into working and delivering results here -  and it’s not easy. There will be many challenges every day for you, whether as an intern or a senior. But I believe it’s going to pay off at the end of the day. 

Be ready to learn, define problems and fix them, because only then will you be able to achieve the best you can.

Second, stay proactive. You’ll have to make sure to start on your tasks the earliest time possible. As a very fast growing startup, tasks at Homebase go by the many. You need to be agile enough to understand the task, and proactively reach out to stakeholders to finish the work on time.

And that leads to the third factor: Be professional and independent, or self-driven. At Homebase, you will work with people who are from the top 1%: From the founding team to the young but talented members from companies and top universities (Google, EY, Dartmouth, Fulbright University Vietnam, RMIT, Vin University, Foreign Trade University, and more).

Finally, what do you expect in the upcoming journey at Homebase?

I want to experience everything related to Marketing and become a T-shaped marketer! A T-shaped marketer is someone who possesses both broad knowledge on a subject, and in-depth knowledge in 1-2 more related areas. This can help me grow holistically in my career path.

Thank you Viet Thanh for the very interesting interview - Stay tuned for new, exciting conversations with our team!


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