Client Stories
February 11, 2022

Trang: Providing Flexible Home Financing to a “Shark Tank” CEO to Buy Her Dream Family Home


Trang is many things - a startup CEO featured on Shark Tank Vietnam, a successful entrepreneur, and also, a new mother. After having her first baby, Trang realized that her previous home was getting too small for her growing family and was ready to move to a new home. Trang was born and raised in Gia Lai, one the greenest areas in Vietnam.

“I have always been inspired by the gardens full of greenery and flowers like in my hometown - to have that in my own home would be a dream come true,” says Trang.

Despite trying to work with a few banks to get traditional financing, Trang encountered difficulty again and again as her job as an entrepreneur meant she had an unstable income. “It was frustrating - I always made it through the beginning of the process but got turned down at the credit checking phase. That cycle has happened 3 or 4 times.” While some options did go through, she often faced higher rates, or lower lending ratios than what was possible.

This all changed when she was introduced to Homebase by a friend. “As first, I was quite confused with how Homebase works but after supportive guidance from their representatives, I trusted and decided to work with Homebase.”

After sitting down with Homebase, Trang received a flexible plan that worked well for her own unique financial situation. “I love the flexibility that Homebase offers to customers who don’t have a stable monthly income like me. I just need to pay the interest instead of interest plus principal amount like other traditional payments. That helps me a lot with managing my budget,” says Trang.

“What makes it so great to work with Homebase is that the entire process is super flexible and you can trust that they’re on your side.”

It took less than 2 months for Trang and her family to move into their new home with Homebase. “The process was super smooth. It literally took us 10 minutes after visiting the house to decide to buy the property - it’s hard to find another place like this in Saigon.”

Most importantly, we’re happy to play a small part in aiding Trang to become an official new homeowner. “From the time I walked in and did my initial walkthrough, I knew this is my home, this is my kids’ home.”

Congratulations on your new home Trang!Are you an entrepreneur like Trang who faces difficulties in proving your financial status? Homebase can clear this concern for you. Reach out to us either by phone/Zalo/Whatsapp at (+84) 964 245 404 or email at We're ready to help you out!


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