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A Day in the Life of Homebase’ Head of Growth: Kimmy Le (Part 2)

In this section, Kimmy Le continues to share the activities she undertakes at Homebase, as well as what has kept her here!

5 Powerful Investment Funds behind Homebase - Who Are They?

Last November, Homebase successfully raised $30 million from large private equity funds and leading financial institutions. Who are they? Let's find out more in this article.

A Day in the Life of Homebase’ Head of Growth: Kimmy Le (Part 1)

Kimmy Le is currently the Head of Growth at Homebase. She joined the team in February 2022 and has already become a crucial team player. Let's find out what a working day for Kimmy Le looks like!

HR Intern - Le Vu Phuong Nghi: “Proactiveness is the key to success”

In this article, let's have a chat with Le Vu Phuong Nghi, Human Resources (HR) Intern at Homebase!

Meet Homebase's Youngest Digital Marketing Intern - Nguyen Viet Thanh

Nguyen Viet Thanh joined Homebase as a Digital Marketing Intern at the beginning of his sophomore year. Being the youngest member of the Marketing team, however, is no barrier for Viet Thanh to continue impressing everyone with his skills and knowledge.

Life at Homebase: Kiet - Marketing Junior Executive

Kiet has been a marketing intern at Homebase for six months while studying as a senior at the Foreign Trade University.